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Sanitize Your ŠKODA With Ozone at Laharts

Here at Laharts ŠKODA , we don’t just care about the health of your cars, we care about yours too.

Did you know used cars hold x700 more germs/bacteria than a public toilet?

We have a SOLUTION!

Sanitizing with ozone allows us to carry out a deeper sanitization than the traditional one, because it kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria present in the cockpit and in the air-conditioning system of your ŠKODA.

Advantages of Laharts Ozone Cleanse

Removes – bacteria, mites, moulds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and it inactivates viruses.

Destroys – the bad odours of smoking, animal fur, cooking smells, mould and perspiration.

Reduces – problems of allergies

Protects – driver & passengers health

Performs air-conditioning refresh
Deters & removes mould and fungus build up

Receive this medical grade sanitisation of your vehicle for only €29.99

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